CyberAgent is a leading digital marketing agency providing
global marketing solutions from performance marketing to branding campaigns.

Building your strategy together

In order to lead our clients’ business to success, CyberAgent provides a wide variety of solutions from branding campaigns to performance marketing campaigns. We utilize our expertise in digital marketing to build a marketing strategy including communication planning, media planning, creative solutions, executing the plan and most importantly optimization, in order to increase our clients’ performance.
For branding campaigns, we utilize technology to visualize the performance and together with our creative solutions, fast AB testing and optimizations, we are able to maximize the performance.

Execution and optimization

At CyberAgent, everything begins with understanding the algorithm. We structure our optimizations rules based on this and utilize our ad operations teams to execute this in a timely manner. The algorithm differs from product to product and is evolving every day. We make sure that our campaigns are structured in a way to take advantage of this and are being managed and updated in a timely manner. We have an in-house ad tech team developing internal optimizations tools and data mining tools to systemize the optimization process and in addition to this, we also carry over 700 ad ops members to execute any necessary manual optimizations and operations. As a team, we believe that running creatives that align with the media partner’s algorithm and also place accurate and appropriate bids, we will be able to maximize the performance.

Creative solutions

For both branding campaigns and direct response campaigns, we believe that creatives must be tailored to each of the media channels. In order to accomplish this, it is important for us to understand the charactersitics of the users and the platform’s algorithm. CyberAgent not only has a team specialized for branding creatives but also an in-house creative team of over 200 people and also invests in the latest technology and facilities. Especially for video ad production, CyberAgent holds our own studio called STUDIO CRAV to produce video and rich ad units such as 360 degrees videos, VR, animation and CG with high quality and speed.